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How can i preview website pre-propagation in DotNetPanel


You transfer website from another server and want to check if website works ok before changing dns?

Option 1:

When you add domain & create website In DotNetPanel, you need to tick the check box "Create Instant Alias" which will create domain alias for previewing website.


Option 2:

If you do not select the option when adding hosting account, you can create instant alias to preview website by:

Go to hosting space -> select Domains -> click on domain you want to preview.

Select "Create Instant Alias" to create preview link.


Option 3:

You can manually add subdomain of server hostname as domain alias to preview website:

1. Go to Domains, select Add Domains -> Domain Alias.

2. Add domain alias yourdomain.asphostus.net where asphostus.net is server hostname.

Please contat support if you don't know server hostname.