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500.19 internal server error Cannot read configuration file


You receive error on website: HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error

Config Error Cannot read configuration file

Config File \\?\D:\Websites\hosting-username\your-domain.com\wwwroot\web.config

The error means IIS cannot read configuration file web.config under wwwroot folder.

When you add hosting account for a domain, websitepanel create 3 folders wwwroot, data, logs under your-domain.com folder.

Website files must be uploaded to wwwroot folder.

IIS cannot read configuration file either because you remove wwwroot folder or "Network Service" read permission on wwwroot folder is missing.

There are 2 options to fix the error:

1. If you have not uploaded any data, please try to delete and re-add hosting space to reset permission.

2. If you uploaded a lot of files and don't want to delete hosting space,  you can manually recreate wwwroot folder following steps below:

+ Login WebsitePanel, navigate to hosting space

+ Select File Manager -> go to your-domain.com check if wwwroot folder exists

+ If wwwroot folder does not exist, recreate wwwroot folder.

+ Click Lock icon next to wwwroot folder to apply read & write permission for Network Service.

If you are are still unable to fix error, please open ticket with technical support.