13.09.2011 IIS Management - remote access to IIS

Ability to manage IIS on your site remotely through a local IIS

To turn this feature log in Control Panel http://dnp.asphostbg.net, click on the Web - Web Sites - click on the link to your site and click on the page slvdvashata Management tab.
Create a username and password and click Enable

To connect remotely from your local computer:
Using Windows Vista, Windows 2008 or Windows 7, Open IIS 7 by going to control panel> administrative tools> Internet Information Services
* note, you can install IIS if not installed from add / remove windows features from program & features *
* windows 7 users will also need to install http://go.microsoft.com/
?linkid=9655672 on the right choose x86 or x64 under download *

Remote management through IIS 7.0 Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager must be explicitly enabled. This has changed from IIS 6.0, IIS Manager Remoting which is by MMC and always has been enabled. This document describes how to enable remote management of IIS 7.0 on Windows Server ® 2008 through IIS Manager. - http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/